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Extend Your Charm with These 4 Wedding Nails

Most people forget preparing for wedding nails. It is understandable as the focuses are on the dress, venue, and catering. Believe it or not, you will see the importance of the nails when the party begins. You can be a little bit nervous and feel like you are not fully dressed. To avoid such circumstances, let’s prepare it from the beginning. Below are some wedding nails to copy for your big day.

1. Simple Looks

On the wedding day, “less is more” applies. Your long and wide dress is enough to give you the grand look. Adding many decorations for your nails is too much. Thus, some simple nail art will do.

It is good if you have clear healthy nails. Wedding nails can be created by applying a coat of clear polish on them. But, if you want more enhancement, you can apply soft pink, nude, or peach undercoat. Then apply white color on the nail tip to create a natural look. Place several diamond adornments wherever possible.

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