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3 Best Bob Haircuts with Layers

Bob haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles for women. Some decide to have this haircut, especially in scorching hot summer weather, but many opt for it to look chic and beautiful. Bob is indeed a timeless and beautiful hairstyle that doesn’t need a lot of hassle. Moreover, with the wide variety of bob haircuts, there must be one that flatters your hair type and face shape.


Not to mention, nowadays, with the recent trend to layer bob, the haircut becomes more and more customisable. Below, we compiled several best bob haircuts with layers you might want to try.


1. Short Wavy Bob 



Short bob looks great with most face shapes. The chin-length bob haircut will give an elegant and sexy vibe since it highlights your jawline. Adding wavy layers will make it look magnificent. For those with naturally curly hair, you can put on your blow-dry spray to create this gorgeous hairdo. However, if you have straight hair, you need to create the curl by yourself. Utilise your finger, flat iron, and hold spray to produce some natural lovely wavy layers. 

Stunning wavy hairstyle ideas with beautiful light brown hair color. This cut is suitable for mothers who look simple and relaxed.

If you have wavy hair, bob hairstyles with pile is perfect to try. You can try to add layer for your hairstyle to get a nice style.

Having wavy hair with bob cuts arranged pile up to add style to your becomes extraordinary.

Looks a bit random but interesting. This is one of the bob style hairstyles with wavy hair to balance the shape of your face.

Amazing design with black hair that is stacked with slightly wavy hair. Add to this a bob style, making a creative idea for your hair.

Bob style with a little wave and stack arrangement on the back, making this design to be very extraordinary.

Wavy black hair with a bob style that will add to the beauty of your crown. This style can also balance the shape of your face to look harmonious with your hair.

If you want to move lightly with your hair, you can choose a bob hairstyle piling up with a little wavy hair. The black hair color adds an even more perfect natural impression.

Having a sharp nose with a kind of brown hair color with a bob cut style is indeed extraordinary. Plus the waves that will add the characteristics of the hair to be beautiful to look at.

It turns out that bob’s hairstyle with waves can perfect the shape of your face. This hairstyle design is very interested in many people.

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2. Medium Shaggy Bob



Typically, a shaggy bob haircut length in between chin and shoulder, making it a medium hairstyle. This hairstyle intended to create a fresh yet blended look by mixing several layers. Shaggy bob is commonly known for its visual appeal created by patterned layers range from the face to the hair’s crown. The rest of the layers are trimmed to different lengths to make a cool shaggy and slightly messy look.

Understand your hair type, and integrate the shaggy bob style for black hair. This design will be created very extraordinary into your style.

If you like shaggy cuts into your hairstyle, try mixing them with a medium bob style. With slightly brown hair, the look of this hairstyle makes you more elegant.

By having medium hair, you can create attractive shaggy bob hairstyles. Simple hairstyles that will change your appearance to be very amazing.

Reflected by your black hairstyle, shaggy cuts with bob style and front bangs add beauty to your hairstyle.

Balance your face shape with medium shaggy bob style cuts. This hairstyle is very popular with some women who want to look stunning even with a slightly square face.

his is a simple design that you need to try. Bob’s style with shaggy cuts is making the hair feel light and free to move. This style is perfect for you with extra activities.

With a semi-square face shape, you can cover up with a bob shaggy hairstyle. This hairstyle can balance your hair and face shape to be special.

Stunning display of fabulous shaggy hairstyles. Combined with a charming bob style, making this hairstyle design be one of your choices if you want to look charming in front of many people.

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3. Long Stacked Bob



Stacked bob haircut is a unique and comfy hairstyle you might want to try. The hairstyle will be longer in the front and gradually gets shorter in the back. It gives a classic vibe since it is stacked in the back portion and layered to add more elements for the hair. Try to opt for a wavy layer to make the hair looks impressive. 

Long bob hairstyle with a little wavy makes you look charming. The pile of hair on the back gives a thick element to your hair.

The attractive hairstyle design and much liked among celebrities is indeed very extraordinary. A long display on the front and thick sessions piled on the back will add to your elegance.

And still, about the long bob hairstyle that is stacked on the back, this style is suitable for those of you who have straight hair types. The long display on the front gives a sensational impression.

You have long, straight hair. Try to try a long bob hairstyle with a style piled on the back. This cut can balance the shape of your face with your hair.

Still with long black hair color, along bob style might suit you. With a little stack on the back, and a little length on the front makes you look charming.

With you having long, slightly wavy hair, try it in a long bob style. If you want to add a perfect look, give a pile in the back so that the hair looks a bit fluffy.

You want to be different from your long hair. Try to use a bob style that will give the impression of being awake to the look of your hair. With a little wavy, your hair becomes very extraordinary.

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So, which one is your favorite? We hope that these best bob haircuts with layers ideas listed above will help you to decide your next hairstyle. 



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