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3 Hot Angled Bob Haircut You Should Try

Bob haircut is popular right now. Many women, young and old, celebrities and regular people must have tried this hairstyle at least once. Well, who wouldn’t love low maintenance yet chic and fabulous hairstyle?


Angled haircut is one of many variations of bob hairstyle. The unique character of this style is the angled form shaped from the shorter front hair and gradual longer length in the back. It works surprisingly well with many hair types and can be customised as you wish. Check these hot angled bob haircuts you should try!


1. Undercut Angled Bob


Angled bob itself is versatile due to its asymmetry shape. It can be adjusted to any face shape – from square to round. One of the variations of the angled bob adds undercut on the nape. It prevents the hair from bulking in the back and make it weightless. This way, your hair will be trendy and fabulous with only around 10 minutes styling.  Keep in mind that you shouldn’t put on a wave or curl patterns in this style if you don’t want to expose the undercut.

The idea of a slanted bob hair style with curves to look good for your face. With a blonde color that can give sparkle to your hair.

Many women who like bob hairstyles. Besides being lightweight, this hairstyle is perfect for women who want to be different. With slanted cuts from the back and extending to the front, this bob style is the right choice.

Still about bob hairstyles that will add to your style sensation. With black hair colors and slanted cuts, this bob hair style is a trend and a special attraction for some women.

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If you like the bob hair style, you can try this style easily. Balancing the bob style haircut with the right tilt, will increase your face pattern to be the size of your hair style.

Most women like things that are easy and light. This is a hairstyle that many people like. A tilted bob style hair is the first choice and adds to the extraordinary look.

If you have wavy hair, try a tilted bob. Then you will look attractive and elegant. This hairstyle is one style that women are interested in wavy hair.

Having blonde hair color with a slanted bob cut enough to make you look perfect. This hairstyle gives a simple impression. But it can make a lot of people amazed by your hair style.

If you like to polish your hair with the right color and the right cut, then you will feel more confident. Bob hair style with slanted cuts and a combination of maroon black hair color, it gives an elegant impression on yourself.

The oblique bob haircut style for blonde hair gives an extraordinary impression. For some women like this style because it adds an energetic style to yourself.

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2. Short Angled Bob


This classic angled bob will look gorgeous in most face shape. However, if you have a square face with prominent jawlines, this haircut might give a bigger impact on your appearance. With the short length cut, this style tricks the eyes to focus on the cheekbones. It also accentuates and highlights the face. The hairstyle provides a fierce and cool look.

To treat hair is not easy. Because hair is a crown that must be maintained. This is a short bob cut hairstyle. You feel comfortable with this hair style.

Being an office worker must maintain appearance. Short bob hair style is probably the right choice. In addition to providing comfort, this style will add an elegant impression to you.

When you are confused about your hair style, this might be a reference for you. An amazing short bob style for your hair style might be the choice. Besides adding to the impression of comfort and lightness, short pieces are very easy to care for.

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If you have already started 40 years old, you will often get confused choosing hairstyles. The right advice for this age, a short bob haircut is the right choice for you.

Complicated caring for hair, you can change your haircut style into a short bob style. In addition to easy care for it, short pieces become your solution if you do not want to bother treating hair.

If you go to the salon, don’t forget to ask about the trend of haircuts for modern women. Short bob haircuts are hair experts’ solutions for modern women’s styles. Besides being easy to care for, this style is very popular with many people.

Balancing your face with the right haircut style is extraordinary. Some women like the bob hairstyle a lot because it is easy to balance your face.

As a career woman, she must be able to maintain the crown of her head. For easy maintenance, you can choose the excellent short bob style. Besides being easy to set up, the short bob style gives you flexibility.

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3. Short Angled Curly Bob



Similar to short angled bob, this style focuses on the face shape and highlights the face features. This bob haircut works well with thin hair since the layers in this cut create a stunning voluminous effect. The curly layers reduce the typical sharp edges in a classic angled bob which gives a more relaxed look.

While angled bob is suitable for almost all kinds of hair types and faces shapes, you still have to find the right one that would optimally flatter your facial features.  We hope that these hot angled bob haircuts might be it!

Not necessarily with straight hair, in fact, curly hair is also able to look neat in a bob style. With a simple style, the appearance of curly bob hair is able to provide inspiration for those of you who have curly hair types.

Being a parent also has to be able to style your hair. Curly hairstyles for women aged 40 years and over with an oblique bob style. Although the type of curly hair, does not prevent you stylish in the hairstyle you like.

The appearance of curly hairstyles with this oblique bob style is perfect for women who don’t want to style their hair. With a simple and easy style, this hairstyle design is suitable for women with extra busyness.

Look beautiful and stunning in public with bob’s hairstyle is very extraordinary. Even though your hair is classified as curly, it can amaze many people who see it.

Even though your hair is curly, you can easily use a slanted bob style to perfect your hairstyle and face shape. With an oval face, it will be covered with an oblique bob haircut with your curly hair type.

If you have a face that is almost square and you have curly hair, then you can use a bob haircut. Not necessarily with a short cut, but should have layered curly hair that will cover the shape of your face to be harmonious…

For teens who crave bob hairstyles, maybe this can be a reference for you. With somewhat curly hair and bob hairstyle, you will appear to be more confident.

For most women have curly hair. This can be a beauty for you. Making your curly hairstyle with a slanted bob style is a great idea. This will impress awesome and will attract many women.

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