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3 Gorgeous Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

It is super important to have a haircut only after considering the hair thickness, face character, and complexion. For those with thick hair many women dream of, there are endless possibilities of stunning hairdos. However, there are also some downsides. They need to maintain their voluminous hair carefully, and one styling mistake will cause the hair to look bulky and undesirable. Thus, to avoid this unwanted hairstyle, below, we recommend you several gorgeous bob haircuts for thick hair.


1. Short Blunt Bob 



One of the most classic and simple styles for thick hair is a short blunt bob haircut. This timeless style trims the end of your hair into a straight line. The blunt cut will highlight the jaw area.  This lustrous hairstyle works magnificently for women with heart-shaped, square, or oval faces. Add complimentary colours as you wish and make little waves around the hair for a fabulous and chic look!

Bob haircut is a classic haircut where hair is cut to the bottom of the chin or more. With your bob haircut will look fresh and cool.

Bob haircut is indeed one of the most popular hairstyles and is favored by women. This hairstyle will look good and give you beauty.

Bob haircut is suitable and looks good for all face shapes. Adding color to your bob hair will look cool.

This blunt bob haircut has even cuts. This model is good if you want to make your hair look fuller because its shape will make your hair look thicker. This model will also look cool. The advantage of a blunt bob is that it works on a variety of face shapes.

Hairstyles that have bob hairstyles are classic hairstyles and are suitable for any occasion. This hair style will add to your beauty and cuteness.

Hairstyles with dark brown blunt bob hair that tends to be flat are the mainstay tips to make those of you who have thin hair look thick.

Shoulder-length short haircut is one model that is quite classic. Short haircuts and the addition of bangs will make your chin look long.

You like to use a simple hairstyle, this bob blunt hairstyle is very suitable for you and quite styled in the middle This hair style will show the beauty and brightness of your face.

Bob’s short blunt shoulder style is simple and looks more classic. You who have thin hair can make the hair look thicker. Choose black so the face looks fresh.

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2. Textured Bob 



Unlike blunt bob haircut, textured bob style tends to minimise the bluntness at the end of the hair. A hairdresser usually uses clipper or shaver to cut across the hair. The stylist will cut the hair vertically to create a choppier look instead of the horizontal cut like in blunt bob. This hairstyle will look fabulous in thick hair with some curls. Generally, this haircut is suitable for any face shapes. So, opt for this style to have a choppy and messy hair!

Middle parting bangs can give an impression of femininity and character. The addition of blonde color makes you look more elegant and beautiful

For those who don’t like to wear bangs, shaggy curls with side curls. In order to stay awake, natural curls use rollers to keep hair natural.

Layer function makes the hair look more textured. Shaggy haircuts have extreme length layers and can be a solution that can flatter the shape of your face.

Additional layers can get around so that your hair curls do not appear to accumulate in one section. Hair with a soft texture can add to your appearance more attractive

Other shoulder-length variations of the bob model you can try. This haircut for thin hair is suitable for all face shapes.

Shoulder-length hairdo with additional layers can make you look more dynamic. If your hair is straight, make a little curl so your appearance looks fresh.

Classic haircuts with long straight models suitable for the shape of your face. Add front bangs as a variation to complete the female haircut to create a fresh, beautiful face.

To get a haircut into curls you can use a vise and then comb with your fingers. Blend of black and blonde colors make your appearance look more elegant and charming.

   This woman’s haircut is very suitable for women because of its texture. This hairstyle will look amazing in thick hair with a few curls and uses curling hair techniques without clamping.

Your hair has a rough and thick texture. You can still apply bobo hair style without being too thick and piley. This wave hair can also create a romantic vibe.

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3. Undercut Bob 



This bob haircut has short hair on one side to give an energetic vibe. The undercut is usually shaped by a razor. You can style it with a geometrical pattern or any other eye-catching designs as you wish. With your thick hair, you will have a voluminous cascading ‘side bang’ to complement the undercut.

Consider cutting your versatile, thick hair according to one of these gorgeous bob haircuts. With the right haircut, your stunning thick hair will have a breath-taking look!

You shave the bottom of your short bob. In addition, long contrast will visually increase the volume up. You can arrange it with geometric patterns or other attractive designs as you wish to make it look more presentable and neat

This undercut bob haircut has a lot to offer. This haircut gives a different style to you and displays a modern style

Bob is pretty like that but there is also a trendy undercut. This bottom cut has a beautiful pattern and style. Hair like this is very neat and you can try different patterns for the bottom.

Hair is cut with a longer angle at the front and shorter at the back. This is a hairstyle idea and is perfect for those of you who have thick hair.

Hair ideas that are very suitable for women who like vintage hairstyles. Hair is cut into an inspired bob and has a modern twist and features a woman’s own style.

Beautiful sleek bob with a patterned undercut. You can make patterns because having a design will make your pieces look more stylish.

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This pixie bob with undercut shows how the bold move of shaved sides can enhance the volume on top, adding some wild, modern vibes to your look.

Bob undercut hair ideas are perfect for you. Here we have a beautiful, upside-down short bob with a shaved haircut to try the trend in a chic and subtle way.

Short bob cuts with slightly faded sides and a different look. This style will make her long hair not be too sharp, but her style will look quite balanced

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